5 Proactive Ways To Keep Your Drains Cleaned

Waiting for a large sewage clog or drainage problem to occur will only add major issues to your home and budget. Just like any area of your life, taking small preventative measures will help you prevent drainage issues and keep all your pipes as clear as possible.

Whether it's in the kitchen, bathroom, or house as a whole, the following five proactive measures can keep your home clear from drain problems.

Drain Blockers

In the shower, one of the biggest problems that can occur with drains is the build-up of hair. Hair does not naturally break down and when multiple people use the shower, it can quickly clog the pipes.

Along with using some type of plumbing snake to pull out hair, you can prevent any from going down the drain with a hair drain blocker. These small plastic drain covers will go directly over your current drain. The blockers feature holes so that water and suds can pass by, but the hair gets caught on small hooks and will stay on the surface. Once the shower is complete, the drain can be removed and the hair can easily be emptied over any trash can.

Compost Bins

When clearing dishes, it's easy to let food items and leftovers slip down the drain. While it may not seem like a lot, this food can build up over time and create major problems, clogs, and floods through pipes. Instead of putting the food in the trash or letting it go down the drain, you can invest in a compost bin that will automatically process the food for you.

An indoor compost bin can hold food waste, eliminate odors, and help the environment by emptying the compost into a garden or another part of nature.

Cooking Grease

Just like food particles, another items that can easily clog drains is cooking grease. There are multiple methods that will help eliminate the grease from your pipes and properly maintain it.

  • Old Cans: Keep an old coffee or soup can around. When something has a lot of grease, the grease can easily be transferred into the can. Once the grease cools and hardens, it can be properly disposed of instead of hardening and clogging up a drain pipe.
  • Grease Disposal Systems: Many stores sell a grease trap system that comes with a case and specifically designed bags to hold the grease in. This may be a more uniform way to stop grease from going down the drains in your home.

Toilet Seat Lock

For some reason, a lot of small children have a fascination with toilets. Whether it's the big bowl of water or exciting sound when it flushes, children can get really mischievous in the bathroom. One of the easiest ways to prevent disaster from happening is by installing a toilet seat lock. The lock will stop children from lifting up the seat, tossing something instead, and flushing it down the toilet.

Sewer Maintenance Appointments

No matter how many steps you take to prevent sewer clogs, things can end up building up in drainage pipes around your home. Every couple of years, it's a good idea to call in professionals for sewer cleaning. One of the easiest processes to get done on your home is a process known as sewer jetting.

When professionals perform sewer jetting, they expand high-powered water jets into your sewer lines. The water jets are able to clear out the drains and remove as much debris as possible from the lines. This includes dirt, grease, animals, or random things that have mixed into the sewer like pieces of wood. Professionals may also use small cameras attached to the hoses to examine all of the sewer to see where the main problems may occur and for sewer cleaning.

The process is quick, and unlike a flood or major clog, it does not require any digging or disruption of your property.