3 Powerful Ways to Go Green with Your Septic Tank

Do you use a septic tank or are you planning to build a house in a rural area where you will need one? While septic tanks are usually excellent at doing their job, they sometimes crack, leak, or overflow, which is bad for the environment. You don't want the contents of your septic tank getting into the groundwater supply around your house. If you are concerned about making your septic tank more environmentally friendly, there are ways to do it.

Don't Flush Those Pills! How To Properly Dispose Of Prescription Meds & Sharps

According to a report by CBS News, researchers found that almost 70% of Americans take a prescription medication. Around half of those people take two or more prescriptions. What many people don't realize is there are specific steps you need to take to properly dispose of unused prescription medication. If you decide not to take something or it expires, you aren't supposed to just throw them in the trashcan or flush them down the toilet.