How You Can Stop the Spread of Smog

Smog is a problem in many cities around the world, and it causes health problems when you breathe it in. You may not have to worry about smog in the future, however. Below is information how smog can affect your body, as well as how you can help cities you live in be smog-free.


When you breathe in smog, it goes to your heart and lungs. If you currently have problems, such as asthma, bronchitis, and heart problems, smog can make your symptoms worse. Even if you are a healthy person, smog can reduce your lung function.  If the smog is at ground level, You may notice that you have symptoms like coughing, pain while you are breathing, and shortness of breath. In heavy fog areas, these symptoms may result in a person visiting their doctor or a hospital.

How to Avoid Smog

You can play your part in learning ways you can stop spreading smog in your area. Some of these ways are listed below.


Smog can get into the air in many ways, and the main cause is through transportation, such as cars, trucks, and buses. There are ways to reduce the smog, however. Vehicle manufacturers are producing vehicles that are more energy efficient, including newer electric vehicles. In many cities, you are required to test your car to make sure it is not putting out a lot of smog, such as in California.

If you are not sure if you need to have a smog test for your car, contact your local Department of Transportation, who will be able to give you this information.

Local Food

Start purchasing your food locally, instead of food that is shipped into the stores. This reduces smog, because it cuts down on emissions that are produced from transporting the food. Buy fruits and vegetables at a farmer's market. Ask the store manager at the grocery store you shop out what foods they get locally.

You can also keep down global smog amounts by purchasing products only made in America. This reduces smog because you are not buying items that are brought to the country by plane.


Trees produce oxygen that we breathe, as well as keep the air clean. Choose to plant and maintain trees that grow quickly and have lots of leaves, such as the weeping willow, empress tree, aspen, poplar, and maple. You can also have clean air in your home. Some plants that will provide you with this include the peace lily, spider plant, and the English ivy.

For more tips and suggestions, contact companies like West Coast Smog.