Diesel Fuel Conservation Products That Are Better For The Environment

Diesel engines, by the very nature of their construction, conserve on fuel. What if you could add other products to your engine that could make your diesel fuel work even harder for you? You could drive farther and haul more. If you are new to diesel engines, here are few products you can find at a "diesel depot" that can do just that.

Diesel Injector Cleaner

This is a bottled product that you add to your tank before adding gas. It works the same as standard gas injector system cleaners, except that it is tailored specifically to diesel engines. As a diesel engine literally incinerates its fuel, small particles are left behind that can slow down your engine. The injector cleaner scrubs away these particles and flushes them out.

Diesel Particulate Filters

A diesel exhaust system is responsible for pumping particles out of the engine as it burns fuel. If you can make the exhaust cleaner from inside the engine, you can make your vehicle run better. You also have less of an impact on air quality and the environment. If your diesel vehicle did not come equipped with a diesel particulate filter, you can buy one from the diesel parts and sales store nearest you and have it installed.

Clean Diesel Fuel

Clean diesel fuel is sold by "diesel depots" across the country. Rather than fill up with diesel fuel at your usual gas station, you can fill up with this cleaner alternative. It has already been "scrubbed" so that it burns more thoroughly and more efficiently. Ergo, it produces less emissions that are toxic to both humans and the environment. The best part is, you do not need to add anything to your engine or make any conversions to use the cleaner fuel. It has been developed for use in diesel engines just as they are.

Extra Catalytic Converters

Newer, more high-tech diesel engines promise extra catalytic converters to reduce the carbon emissions associated with diesel engines. If you plan to buy another diesel vehicle in the future, look for these newer engines. They are much more efficient and more environmentally friendly. It may also be possible to alter the current design of your engine by adding these parts to the engine. Be sure to ask a sales representative at a "diesel depot" how to go about such a project, and whether or not he/she knows of a mechanic that can do this.

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